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CPP and Thruster units


In addition to servicing and providing spares for other well-known makes of CPP systems and thrust units, Stone Marine Shipcare are sole European agents for the NAKASHIMA PROPELLER Co. of Japan. Full service and spares packages can be provided to ensure that overhaul and survey work is carried out to the correct standards, using approved spares and procedures.

During routine maintenance or dry dock surveys, our Service Engineers will inspect all dismantled components and replace only as necessary. At the completion of survey work, the propeller will be tested for oil seal integrity and correct mechanical operation throughout the pitch range.

The propeller package includes the hydraulic and electronic systems which are supplied as complete modules by the propeller manufacturer. If problems arise, Stone Marine Shipcare can provide both spares and service.

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Thrust units are now manufactured with features that improve ease of maintenance. Blades, blade seals and shaft seals can all be replaced without removing the unit from the tunnel. Pinion bearings can be removed and the drive gears examined without dry docking the vessel. If necessary, the complete unit can be removed from the tunnel and overhauled in an engineering workshop.

Image of propeller

Shipcare engineers at work.